Financial Counseling

You come into contact with money every day of your life.  You work hard to earn money to pay your bills and to save for things you want.  You use credit wisely and even have money to deposit to your savings account.  Used wisely, money can be a tool to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Personal financial planning is the process of defining goals, developing a plan to achieve them and putting then plan into action.  After you create a plan, be aware you may need to change it over time.  You will run into unexpected obstacles.  You may lose a job or you may fall ill for an extended period of time.  Or sometimes you just spend more money than you are making.

At times like this, it can be a good idea to seek help in getting back your plan back on track.  Your Credit Union is a good source of budget planning, credit repair programs and debt pay down programs.  We have expertise in looking at your monthly expenses to give you suggestions on where you can save money.  If your credit card balances have become unmanageable, we can give you a plan on how to pay them off.

And if your plan is on track but you have some ideas that you want to discuss with someone who has financial expertise, feel free to run those ideas by us.

Anything you discuss with us will remain strictly confidential.  Please call for an appointment and let us help you successfully reach your goals and dreams.