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Updated Office Hours

As corona virus cases are increasing across our country, we will continue to do business behind closed doors.  We are going to extend our hours starting Monday, July 27.  Staff will be in the office from 8 am to 2 pm.  Transactions will still be done through the drop box.  We are thankful for your patience during this difficult time.  PLEASE take advantage of our electronic services.  Use our Mobile App, home banking through our website or Teller 24 phone service.  We will be happy to help you over the phone to set up any of these services.  Use ATMs for your cash withdrawals.  CVS and Walgreens have ATMs with no service fee. Any information you need about our services can be found on the website.  We are still conducting business, loaning money and opening new accounts.  Call us if you need anything! And finally be very aware of any scams.  DO NOT give your personal information on the phone or in an email.

Debit Card Text Notification

We have changed our fraud notification process to text messaging.  If there is suspected fraud on your card you will receive a text message that reads:  Greenwich Municipal CU Fraud Center 87727335740.  The purchase in question will post next with the last four digits of your debit card number.  If the purchase is valid reply YES, fraud NO.  If the card is fraud, we will order you a new card.  Please check your contact information through Net branch to confirm we have your correct mobile number.

Master Card Gift Cards

Need a gift fast?  Your credit union is offering Master Card Gift Cards from $10.00 to $1,000.00 with no fees attached to them!  Usual fees for these types of cards run about $6.00 per card.  Call ahead and we can have the card ready for you.

Allpoint ATM Network

Need cash from an ATM?  Use our Allpoint Network.  You will find ATMs in CVS and Walgreens that participate in this network.  There are no fees to use these machines.  Also, we are no longer participating in the NYCE network.  If your card is not working at an ATM in a small convenience store check the network.  If it says NYCE, you will have to use a machine elsewhere.

Debit Card PIN

If you forget the PIN for your debit card, getting a new one is easy.  Just call (800) 992-3808.  Follow the prompts and you can choose your new PIN.

Fraud Detection Center

We have partnered with our debit card processor to help battle fraud. If there is unusual activity on your debit card, you will receive a call from the Fraud Detection Center of Greenwich Municipal Credit Union.  The number that will show up on your phone is 877-253-8964.  A temporary hold will be placed on your card until the transactions can be verified.  If you determine the transactions are fraudulent, the card will be shut down and a new card will be issued by the credit union. 

Welcome to Mobile Banking and Remote Deposit Capture!

Our new mobile App lets you bank anytime right from your mobile phone.  Download our mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  Look for Touch Banking and use the code Greenwich.  Once you have the App on your phone use the same login IDs you use for Home Banking. Note:  You must be signed up to use Home Banking to access Mobile Banking.

Remote Deposit Capture
From your Mobile App, sign into your account
Select Deposit on the bottom of the screen
Click deposit check and follow the instructions
Make sure you sign the check and write For Mobile Deposit Only

See Mobile Banking for more details

Debit Card Travel

If you will be traveling outside the country and plan on using your debit card please contact us and let us know your travel dates and what countries you are visiting.  We will program your card accordingly.

Foreign Currency

We have partnered with eZforex to offer you a secure and convenient way to purchase foreign currency  before you travel outside the United States.  By planning ahead, you will avoid paying unreasonable fees and charges when you travel.  Currency is available for over 100 countries worldwide.  You can have the money delivered to your home or to the credit union.  Call us to place your order.

2015 Dora Maxwell Award Winner

Greenwich Municipal Employees Federal Credit Union is the proud recipient of the 2015 Dora Maxwell Award for Social Responsibility.

Personal Lines of Credit

A GMEFCU line of credit provides a ready source of funds anytime you need them.