Fee Schedule

Fees Applicable to All Accounts
Returned Deposit Item $35.00 per item
Stop Payment Credit Union Check $10.00 per item
Copy Credit Union Check $5.00 per item
ACH Returns $30.00 per item
ACH Overdraft Transfer Fee $10.00 per item
ACH Stop Payments $10.00 per item
Dormant Account Fee $10.00 / per month
 C U Check Withdrawal  
      2 free/month $5.00 each after 2 free
Wire Transfers:  
       Domestic $20.00 per item
       Incoming $10.00 per item
       International $35.00 per item
Statement Copy  
       Computer $2.00 per month
       Archive $3.00 per month
Checking Account Fees
Overdraft Transfer Fee $10.00 per check
Return For Insufficient Funds $30.00 per check
Special Overdraft Fee $20.00 per check
Stop Payment Fee $10.00 per check
Copy Cancelled Check $5.00 per check
     Printed from Net Branch on line  free
Reconciliation Fee $30.00 per hour
Bill Pay $5.00 / monthly
     With Direct Deposit  Free
Share Draft Printing Fees will vary with the style and size of your order.
You will not be notified of changes to share draft printing fees.
ATM Fees
Allpoint Network No Fee
Withdrawals $1.00 per action
Balance Inquiry $1.00 per inquiry
Transfers $1.00 per transfer
Replacement of Lost Debit Card  
     1st time $10.00
     2nd time $20.00
Balance Verification Letters $5.00 to $25.00
Mortgage Release Documents $25.00
Title Release Letter $20.00 
Dormant Account Fee $10.00 per month
Return Mail $10.00 per month
Notary  Free
Research Fee $30.00 / hour
Account Levy/Garnish $50.00
Close Christmas Club Early $5.00