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Computer Software Update

The credit union is updating our computer software as of April 3, 2023.  This will bring some changes to on line banking.  The following is important information for you to know.

On Friday March 31 at 4pm until Monday April 2 at 8am your debit cards will follow the stand in daily limits of $255.00 for cash and $705.00 for purchases. 

On line banking system will be turned off on Friday March 31 at 4pm until Monday April 3 at 8am.  This will also include Bill Pay.  On Monday morning you can log on with the following new instructions:

LOGIN ID is your Primary Member Account Number

  • Your logon ID must contain 6 digits
  • If your member number is less than 6 digits you must enter the leading zeros to make it six digits


  • Member Number 12345 must be entered as 012345
  • Member Number 6789 must be entered as 006789

Security Code (Password) is the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Continue to Net Branch to log in.

Once logged in you will need to change both your logon and your password.  Follow the prompts.

You must log in through net branch first before you can use the Touch Banking APP

Important Items to Note on our new online banking system Virtual Branch

  • History prior to 3/31/203 will not be available on the new home banking site
  • Transactions 4/1/23 and later will appear on the new site
  • Consider downloading your current statements now